Voivod - Target Earth (Ltd.)

Voivod "Target Earth (Ltd.)" Digibook CD

Label: Century Media
Released: 2013
Style: Prog/Thrash Metal
Country: Canada


1. Target Earth
2. Kluskap O´Kom
3. Empathy for the Enemy
4. Mechanical Mind
5. Warchaic
6. Resistance
7. Kaleidos
8. Corps Étranger
9. Artefact
10. Defiance

Length: 01:06:18


Quebecois prog metal pioneers have persevered through thick and thin to arrive at a comfortable place in 2012 - a place of rebirth, rejuvenation and respect. Fans can "expect something in the vein of "Nothingface" with some elements from the other albums. It will be a classic Voivod album".

Limited edition digibook with two bonus tracks recorded live at Roadburn Festival 2012).


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