Shining - X - Varg Utan Flock

Shining "X - Varg Utan Flock" Gatefold 2LP (Must / Black)

Label: Season Of Mist
Released: 2018
Style: Black Metal
Country: Sweden


Side A:
1. Svart ostoppbar eld
2. Gyllene portarnas bro

Side B:
3. Jag är din fiende
4. Han som lurar inom

Side C:
5. Tolvtusenfyrtioett
6. Mot Aokigahara

Side D - bonus:
7. In the Cold Light of Morning (Placebo cover)
8. Cry Little Sister (Gerard McMahon cover)

Length: 41:24 + bonus


Never shy about his personal afflictions, SHINING mastermind Niklas Kvarforth is once again baring his tortured soul with "X - Varg Utan Flock". His anger, his confusion, his pain, and his torment are all becoming tangible on the tenth album in the band´s long history.

45RPM black double vinyl including 2 bonus tracks.


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