Pestilence - Hadeon

Pestilence "Hadeon" Slipcase CD

Label: Hammerheart
Released: 2018
Style: Death Metal
Country: Holland


1. Unholy Transcript
2. Non Physical Existent
3. Multi Dimensional
4. Oversoul
5. Materialization
6. Astral Projection
7. Discarnate Entity
8. Subvisions
9. Manifestations
10. Timeless
11. Ultra Demons
12. Layers of Reality
13. Electro Magnetic

Length: 39:17


"Hadeon" is in a way the return to the old school of Death Metal, but obviously Pestilence will not just duplicate, there is still that fresh and progressive touch. This is certainly a return-to-form album, a one that could have been the follow-up to "Testimony of the Ancients".


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