Kreator - Violent Revolution

Kreator "Violent Revolution" Gatefold 2LP/CD

Label: SPV
Released: 2001/2017
Style: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany


Side A:
1. Reconquering the Throne
2. The Patriarch
3. Violent Revolution
4. All of the Same Blood (Unity)

Side B:
5. Servant in Heaven - King in Hell
6. Second Awakening
7. Ghetto War

Side C:
8. Replicas of Life
9. Slave Machinery

Side D:
10. Bitter Sweet Revenge
11. Mind on Fire
12. System Decay

Length: 56:37


In the sixteenth year of their career, Kreator continue to assert their long-standing position as spearheads of the German thrash metal scene. The tracks on Violent Revolution sound like the album title: unyielding, rigorous, and powerful.

2017 reissue on red vinyl in gatefold sleeve and printed inner sleeves. Includes album on CD.


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