Kino - Radio Voltaire

Kino "Radio Voltaire" CD

Label: InsideOut
Released: 2018
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Radio Voltaire
2. The Dead Club
3. Idlewild
4. I Don´t Know Why
5. I Won´t Break So Easily Any More
6. Temple Tudor
7. Out Of Time
8. Warmth Of The Sun
9. Grey Shapes On Concrete Fields
10. Keep The Faith
11. The Silent Fighter Pilot



Kauaoodatud (13 aastat!) teine kauamängiv Briti prog-rock-supergrupilt Kino, kus teevad kaasa järgmised mehed: klahvpildur John Beck (It Bites), trummar Craig Blundell (Frost*, Steven Wilson), laulev kitarrist John Mitchell (Lonely Robot, It Bites, Arena, Frost*) ja bassimees Pete Trewavas (Marillion).


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