Garbanotas Bosistas - Room For You

Garbanotas Bosistas "Room For You" Gatefold LP

Label: Tilto Namai
Released: 2017
Style: Psychedelic/Indie Rock
Country: Lithuania


Side A:
1. Long Ago Far Away
2. Wonderland
3. Keep Me There
4. Blue Sun
5. Nightwalk

Side B:
1. Last Summer´s Day
2. Delfinas
3. Morning Again
4. Should Your Name Be Love



"Dreamy neo-kraut-psychedelic flowers growing out of the amplifiers."

Garbanotas Bosistas (The Curly Bassist) on pärit Leedust ning "Room For You" on bändi esikalbum, välja antud musta värvi vinüülil. Bänd võitis 2016. aastal Tallinn Music Weeki publikulemmiku auhinna.


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