Motörhead - Inferno

Motörhead "Inferno" 2LP

Label: SPV
Released: 2004
Style: Heavy Rock
Country: United Kingdom


Side A:
1. Terminal Show
2. Killers
3. In The Name Of Tragedy

Side B:
4. Suicide
5. Life´s A Bitch
6. Down On Me

Side C:
7. In The Black
8. Fight
9. The Year of the Wolf

Side D:
10. Keys To The Kingdom
11. Smiling Like A Killer
12. Whorehouse Blues

Length: 48:48


The more things change, the more Lemmy stays the same. He is a pillar of stability in the wobbly world of metal, where bands and trends come and go. Almost every Motorhead album sounds like the last, albeit with a couple new twists thrown in.


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