Arkhon Infaustus - Passing The Nekromanteion

Arkhon Infaustus "Passing The Nekromanteion" Gatefold LP

Label: Les Acteurs de l´Ombre
Released: 2017
Style: Black/Death Metal
Country: France


Side A:
1. Amphessatamine Nexion
2. The Precipice Where Souls Slither

Side B:
3. Yesh Le-El Yadi
4. Corrupted Épignosis

Length: 33:32


Long awaited new material from Arkhon Infaustus! “Passing the Nekromanteion” is 34 minutes of uncompromising Blackened Death Metal fury that leaves the listener enthusiastically reaching for the reply button.

12-inch black vinyl.


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