Nightwish - Decades (Best of 1996-2015)

Nightwish "Decades (Best of 1996-2015)" Digipak 2CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2018
Style: Symphonic Metal
Country: Finland


CD 1:
1. The Greatest Show On Earth
2. Élan
3. My Walden
4. Storytime
5. I Want My Tears Back
6. Amaranth
7. The Poet And The Pendulum
8. Nemo
9. Wish I Had An Angel

CD 2:
1. Ghost Love Score
2. Slaying The Dreamer
3. End Of All Hope
4. 10th Man Down
5. The Kinslayer
6. Dead Boy´s Poem
7. Gethsemane
8. Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean
9. Sacrament Of Wilderness
10. Sleeping Sun
11. Elvenpath
12. The Carpenter
13. Nightwish (Demo)



It´s time to take a look back and review the last 20 years of Nightwish in a musical way. This is a brilliant best-of collection called "Decades", which unites the most important songs of the band on two CDs in their original versions.


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