Legend Of The Seagullmen - Legend Of The Seagullmen

Legend Of The Seagullmen "Legend Of The Seagullmen" Digisleeve CD

Label: Dine Alone Records
Released: 2018
Style: Psychedelic / Progressive Rock
Country: USA


1. We Are The Seagullmen
2. The Fogger
3. Shipswreck
4. Curse Of The Red Tide
5. Legend Of The Seagullmen
6. The Orca
7. Rise Of The Giant
8. Ballad Of The Deep Sea Diver



Legend of the Seagullmen is a genre destroying super-group featuring Tool´s Danny Carey on drums, Mastodon´s Brent Hinds on guitar, director Jimmy Hayward (Jonah Hex) on guitar, David "The Doctor" Dreyer on vocals, Zappa Meets Zappa´s Peter Griffin on bass, and Chris DiGiovanni on synth.


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