Byrne, David - American Utopia (Ettetellimine / Pre-order)

Byrne, David "American Utopia (Ettetellimine / Pre-order)" LP

Label: WMG
Released: 2018
Style: Rock/Pop
Country: USA


Side A:
1. I Dance Like This
2. Gasoline and Dirty Sheets
3. Every Day Is a Miracle
4. Dog´s Mind
5. This Is That

Side B:
6. It´s Not Dark Up Here
7. Bullet
8. Doing the Right Thing
9. Everybody´s Coming to My House
10. Here

Length: 37:17



Byrne´s first solo studio album since 2004´s "Grown Backwards", serving as a music component to a larger multimedia project entitled "Reasons to Be Cheerful".


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