Pestilence - Spheres

Pestilence "Spheres" LP

Label: Hammerheart
Released: 1993/2017
Style: Technical Death/Fusion Metal
Country: Holland


Side A:
1. Mind Reflections
2. Multiple Beings
3. The Level Of Perception
4. Aurian Eyes
5. Soul Search

Side B:
6. Personal Energy
7. Voices From Within
8. Spheres
9. Changing Perspectives
10. Phileas
11. Demise Of Time

Length: 33:17


Pestilence´s final one (for a long time) - "Spheres" from 1993 - brought along a thrilling mixture of jazz-fusion elements with death metal and, thanks to the extensive use of synth guitars, constituted a totally new quality in aggressive music.

2017 vinyl reissue.


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