Vinyl LP-s ( 7", 10", 12")
Pohjola, Pekka "Pewit" Gatefold 2LP
Label Svart
Release date 1997/2018
Style Prog/Jazz Rock
Country Soome
Price: 28.99 EUR


Side A:
1. Rita

Side B:
1. Melkein

Side C:
1. Pewit
2. Suuri Kallion Ritari (The Great Knight Of The Rock) Intro
3. Suuri Kallion Ritari
4. Toy Rock Intro
5. Toy Rock

Side D:
1. Ordinary Music


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The first ever vinyl release of this important piece in the career of bassist-composer Pekka Pohjola, originally released on CD only on Pohjola Records.

Yellow double vinyl in gatefold sleeve. Limited to 200.

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