Vinyl LP-s ( 7", 10", 12")
Lunatic Soul "Lunatic Soul 2" Gatefold 2LP
Label K-Scope
Release date 2010
Style Progressive Rock
Country Poola
Price: 19.99 EUR


Side A:
1. The In-Between Kingdom
2. Otherwhere
3. Suspended In Whiteness

Side B:
3. Asoulum
4. Limbo
5. Escape From ParadIce

Side C:
7. Transition

Side D:
8. Gravestone hill
9. Wanderings

Length: 50:40

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The second solo outing from Riverside┬┤s mastermind, singer and bass player Mariusz Duda. The white album, a continuation of 2008┬┤s black album, constitutes the second part of the diptych about the journey through the underworld.

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