Vinyl LP-s ( 7", 10", 12")
Emperor "Prometheus : The Discipline Of Fire & Demise" LP
Label Candlelight
Release date 2001/2017
Style Black Metal
Country Norra
Price: 16.99 EUR


Side A:
1. The Eruption
2. Depraved
3. Empty
4. The Prophet

Side B:
5. The Tongue Of Fire
6. In The Wordless Chamber
7. Grey
8. He Who Sought The Fire
9. Thorns On My Grave

Length: 51:44

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The final and most esoteric release from Emperor, Black Metal┬┤s darkest lights. More progressive and structurally complex than their previous releases, this is the sine qua non of difficult yet beautiful music.

Long-awaited vinyl reissue. Released just like "it was originally released".

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