Motörhead - We Are Motörhead

Motörhead "We Are Motörhead" LP

Label: SPV
Released: 2000/2016
Style: Heavy Rock
Country: United Kingdom


Side A:
1. See Me Burning
2. Slow Dance
3. Stay Out of Jail
4. God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols Cover)
5. Out to Lunch

Side B:
6. Wake the Dead
7. One More Fucking Time
8. Stagefright/Crash and Burn
9. (Wearing Your) Heart on Your Sleeve
10. We Are Motorhead

Length: 38:21


Who could´ve guessed back in 1977--when ex-Hawkwind bassist Lemmy Kilmister´s new band, Motörhead, released their self-titled debut--that Lemmy´s career would some day be measured in decades? The rapid-fire metal/punk group seemed to have ignited a fast-burning wick that would lead to certain explosion. Yet here´s Motörhead in 2000 still hammering out speedy, thick metal.


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