Hot Thumbs O´Riley - Wicked Ivory

Hot Thumbs O´Riley "Wicked Ivory" Gatefold LP

Label: Svart
Released: 1972/2018
Style: Prog / Jazz / Psychedelic Rock
Country: Finland


Side A:
1. Warm Rumours
2. Currently Cheesing
3. No Flies On Auntie
4. Dust My Shovel
5. Harmless Vibration
6. Cosmic Rot

Side B:
1. Wicked Ivory
2. Tiptoe Through The Graveyard
3. Sunday In Gopher Gulch
4. Grass For Blades
5. The Decline Of The House Of Lords



The very first solo album from Jim Pembroke of Wigwam fame, originally released in 1972.

Orange vinyl, limited to 200 copies.


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