Hot Thumbs O´Riley - Wicked Ivory

Hot Thumbs O´Riley "Wicked Ivory" Gatefold LP

Label: Svart
Released: 1972/2018
Style: Prog / Jazz / Psychedelic Rock
Country: Finland


Side A:
1. Warm Rumours
2. Currently Cheesing
3. No Flies On Auntie
4. Dust My Shovel
5. Harmless Vibration
6. Cosmic Rot

Side B:
1. Wicked Ivory
2. Tiptoe Through The Graveyard
3. Sunday In Gopher Gulch
4. Grass For Blades
5. The Decline Of The House Of Lords



Kultusliku Soome prog-rock-bändi Wigwami algupärase solisti Jim Pembroke´i esimene sooloalbum, mis algselt ilmus aastal 1972.

2018. aasta uusväljalase. Oranzhi värvi vinüül gatefold-ümbrises, tehtud 200 tk.


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