Stone - Light Entertainment - Complete Early Works

Stone "Light Entertainment - Complete Early Works" 5LP Box

Label: Svart
Released: 2018
Style: Thrash Metal
Country: Finland


LP 1 - Stone:
A1. Get Stoned
A2. No Commands
A3. Eat Your Pride
A4. The Day Of Death
A5. Reached Out
B1. Real Delusion
B2. Brain Damage
B3. Escape
B4. Final Countdown
B5. Overtake

LP 2 - Stone – Demo/Live:
A1. Real Delusion – Demo
A2. Eat Your Pride – Demo
A3. No Commands – Demo
A4. Escape – Demo
B1. The Day Of Death – Demo
B2. Overtake – Demo
B3. Brain Damage – Live
B4. Reached Out – Live
B5. Get Stoned – Live

LP 3 - No Anaesthesia!:
A1. Finlandia
A2. Sweet Dreams
A3. Empty Corner
A4. Back To The Stone Age
A5. Concrete Malformation
B1. No Anaesthesia
B2. Light Entertainment (Good Old Times)
B3. Kill The Dead
B4. Meat Mincing Machine

LP 4 - No Anaesthesia! – Demo/Live:
A1. Sweet Dreams – Live
A2. Empty Corner – Live
A3. Back To The Stone Age – Demo
A4. Concrete Malformation – Demo
B1. No Anaesthesia – Demo
B2. Light Entertainment (Good Old Times) – Demo
B3. Kill The Dead – Early Version
B4. Meat Mincing Machine – Live

LP 5 - Back To The Stone Age / Symptom Of The Universe:
A1. Back To The Stone Age
A2. Symptom Of The Universe
B1. Back To The Stone Age – The Original Instrumental
B2. Symptom Of The Universe – Demo



Heavy box with 5 LPs in separate jackets plus bonus items exclusive to the box. Limited to 300 copies.


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