Caliban - Ghost Empire

Caliban "Ghost Empire" LP/CD

Label: Century Media
Released: 2014
Style: Metalcore/Modern Metal
Country: Germany


Side A:
1. King
2. Chaos - Creation
3. Wolves And Rats
4. nebeL
5. I Am Ghost
6. Devil’s Night

Side B:
7. yOUR Song
8. Cries And Whispers
9. Good Man
10. I Am Rebellion
11. Who We Are
12. My Vertigo

Length: 48:04


Caliban´s previous studio album “I Am Nemesis” (2012) charted at #21 of the German album charts marking the band´s highest chart entry so far. It confirmed the successful diversification of the band´s trademark modern metal sound which continues on “Ghost Empire”: a captivating musical milestone in Caliban´s career.

180g red vinyl + CD disc.


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