Darkthrone - Arctic Thunder

Darkthrone "Arctic Thunder" LP

Label: Peaceville
Released: 2016
Style: Oldschool Metal
Country: Norway


Side A:
1. Tundra Leech
2. Burial Bliss
3. Boreal Fiends
4. Inbred Vermin

Side B:
5. Arctic Thunder
6. Throw Me Through The Marshes
7. Deep Lake Tresspass
8. The Wyoming Distance

Length: 39:23


Norwegian duo Darkthrone return with their first new studio material since 2013´s triumphant "The Underground Resistance". An eclectic mix of free-spirited 1980´s fuelled blackened Heavy Metal executed in Darkthrone´s trademark raw and organic style.

Presented on 180g black vinyl (includes mp3 download).


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