Faithless - Outrospective

Faithless "Outrospective" 2LP

Label: Sony Legacy
Released: 2001/2017
Style: Trip Hop/Dance
Country: United Kingdom


Side A:
1. Donny X
2. Not Enuff Love
3. We Come 1

Side B:
1. Crazy English Summer
2. Muhammad Ali
3. Machines R Us

Side C:
1. One Step Too Far
2. Tarantula

Side D:
1. Giving Myself Away
2. Code
3. Evergreen
4. Liontamer

Length: 57:58


"Outrospective" was Faithless´ third and most successful album, where Maxi Jazz´s trendy vicar approach and Sister Bliss & Rollo´s innate sense of what makes music work reach their climax. Featuring Dido and their biggest selling hit "We Come One".

180 gram audiophile vinyls. Also included is a download code.


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