Fantasia - Fantasia

Fantasia "Fantasia" Gatefold LP

Label: Svart
Released: 1975/2016
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: Finland


Side A:
1. Pilvien Takaa
2. Unikuva
3. Huutokauppa
4. Suihkuliidolla
5. Hautausmaani Rannoilla

Side B:
6. Tulen Pisara
7. Agressio
8. Härmä Jazz
9. Depressio

Length: 34:50


This Finnish prog-rock rarity is the only record Fantasia ever made. Originally released in 1975 and produced by Wigwam drummer Ronnie Österberg and Mikael Wiik, the album sounds not entirely unlike mid-seventies Wigwam, albeit being more progressive and psychedelic.

GREEN vinyl, limited to 200 copies.


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