Fagen, Donald - Cheap Xmas: Donald Fagen Complete

Fagen, Donald "Cheap Xmas: Donald Fagen Complete" 7LP Box

Label: Reprise
Released: 2017
Style: Jazz/Rock/Pop
Country: USA


LP 1 - The Nightfly:
A1. I.G.Y.
A2. Green Flower Street
A3. Ruby Baby
A4. Maxine
B1. New Frontier
B2. The Nightfly
B3. The Goodbye Look
B4. Walk Between Raindrops

LP 2 - Kamakiriad:
C1. Trans-Island Skyway
C2. Countermoon
C3. Springtime
C4. Snowbound
D1. Tomorrow´s Girls
D2. Florida Room
D3. On The Dunes
D4. Teahouse On The Tracks

LP 3 & 4 - Morph The Cat:
E1. Morph The Cat
E2. H Gang
F1. What I Do
F2. Brite Nitegown
G1. The Great Pagoda Of Funn
G2. Security Joan
H1. The Night Belongs To Mona
H2. Mary Shut The Garden Door
H3. Morph The Cat (Reprise)

LP 5 & 6 - Sunken Condos:
I1. Slinky Thing
I2. I´m Not The Same Without You
I3. Memorabilia
J1. Weather In My Head
J2. The New Breed
J3. Out Of The Ghetto
K1. Miss Marlene
K2. Good Stuff
K3. Planet D´Rhonda

LP 7 - 10 Extras:
L1. Rhymes
L2. Big Noise New York
L3. True Companion
L4. Confide In Me
L5. Blue Lou
M1. Shanghai Confidential
M2. Green Flower Street (Live)
M3. Century´s End
M4. Hank´s Pad (Live)
M5. Viva Viva Rock ´N´ Roll (Live)



7 LP-set in clamshell box.

This seven-LP box includes all of Fagen´s solo albums – "The Nightfly" (1982), "Kamakiriad" (1993), "Morph The Cat" (2006), "Sunken Condos" (2012) and a bonus LP, "10 Extras", which features rarities such as demos, songs written for films and live tracks.


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