Haken - L+1ve

Haken "L+1ve" LP/CD

Label: InsideOut
Released: 2018
Style: Progressive Metal
Country: United Kingdom


Side A:
1. Falling Back to Earth
2. Pareidolia

Side B:
1. Earthrise
2. Crystallised

1. Falling Back to Earth
2. Pareidolia
3. Earthrise
4. Crystallised



Haken treads the fine line between progressive rock and progressive metal, with chops galore (never overused) and melodic constructs and compositional ideas that stand the test of time.

The “L+1VE” LP includes the audio of four live tracks that had previously only been released as bonus video material on the “L-1VE” DVD release, captured from their performance at ProgPower USA 2016 in Atlanta.


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