Jagger, Mick - Wandering Spirit

Jagger, Mick "Wandering Spirit" 2LP

Label: Promotone
Released: 1993/2019
Style: Rock
Country: United Kingdom


Side A:
1. Wired All Night
2. Sweet Thing
3. Out of Focus

Side B:
4. Don´t Tear Me Up
5. Put Me in the Trash
6. Use Me
7. Evening Gown

Side C:
8. Mother of a Man
9. Think
10. Wandering Spirit

Side D:
11. Hang On to Me Tonight
12. I´ve Been Lonely for So Long
13. Angel in My Heart
14. Handsome Molly

Length: 53:58


Released in 1993, "Wandering Spirit" was Jagger´s only solo album release of the 1990s.


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