Led Zeppelin - Coda (Deluxe Ed.)

Led Zeppelin "Coda (Deluxe Ed.)" Trifold 3LP

Label: Warner
Released: 1982/2015
Style: Hard Rock
Country: United Kingdom


LP 1 - Coda (remastered):
1. We´re Gonna Groove
2. Poor Tom
3. I Can´t Quit You Baby
4. Walter´s Walk
5. Ozone Baby
6. Darlene
7. Bonzo´s Montreux
8. Wearing and Tearing

LP 2 - bonus:
1. We´re Gonna Groove (Alternate Mix)
2. If It Keeps On Raining (When The Levee Breaks - Rough Mix)
3. Bonzo´s Montreux (Mix Construction In Progress)
4. Baby Come On Home
5. Sugar Mama (Mix)
6. Poor Tom (Instrumental Mix)
7. Travelling Riverside Blues (BBC Session)
8. Hey, Hey, What Can I Do

LP 3 - bonus:
1. Four Hands (Four Sticks - Bombay Orchestra)
2. Friends (Bombay Orchestra)
3. St. Tristan´s Sword (Rough Mix)
4. Desire (The Wanton Song - Rough Mix)
5. Bring It On Home (Rough Mix)
6. Walter´s Walk (Rough Mix)
7. Everybody Makes It Through (In The Light - Rough Mix)



"Coda", released in 1982 after the breakup of the band, was the result of a trawl through the studio archives in search of leftover material.

Original remastered LP, plus 2 LPs of extra material on 180 gram vinyl in a tri-fold sleeve with three pockets. Includes two 12" x 12" LP inserts. The second and third discs include previously-unreleased companion audio with 15 tracks recorded between 1968 and 1974.


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