New Light Choir - Torchlight

New Light Choir "Torchlight" Gatefold LP

Label: Svart
Released: 2018
Style: Psychedelic/Hard Rock
Country: USA


Side A:
1. Grand Architect
2. Queen of Winter
3. Firebird
4. Omens
5. Adamantine

Side B:
6. Psalm 6
7. Golden Ring
8. Moondawn Mirage III
9. Last March
10. Stardust and Torchlight



Never content to exist in an easily defined space, New Light Choir defy genres, preferring to weave diverse threads of sound into their own unique sonic tapestry. Their new album "Torchlight" sees the duo step on the distortion pedal and travel deeper into the mystical, dusk-filled metallic territory hinted at on its predecessor.

Gold vinyl, limited to 200.


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