Obituary - Frozen in Time

Obituary "Frozen in Time" LP (Valge / White)

Label: Listenable
Released: 2005/2019
Style: Death Metal
Country: USA


Side A:
1. Redneck Stomp
2. On the Floor
3. Insane
4. Blindsided
5. Back Inside
6. Mindset
7. Stand Alone

Side B:
8. Slow Death
9. Denied
10. Lockjaw
11. By The Light (live)
12. Threatening Skies (live)
13. Solid State (live)

Length: 34:20 + bonus


After several long years, Floridian death metal legends Obituary returned in 2005 with an album, that will stand with ease alongside the cult albums like "Slowly We Rot" or "The End Complete".

White vinyl.


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