Pedigree - Skeletal

Pedigree "Skeletal" Gatefold 2LP

Label: PSU / PedigreeSonicUnderworld
Released: 2009/2019
Style: Alternative / Industrial Metal
Country: Estonia


Side A:
1. Shrine
2. Quarantine
3. Machine Shop
4. Phantom Report
5. Too Much Damage

Side B:
6. The Gas Heart
7. Skeletal
8. Beyond Repair
9. Listen to the Children

Side C:
10. Blessed Are Those Who Can Sleep
11. Death by Cargo
12. Marine Corpse
13. March Of The Blades
14. Sleepland Satellite

Side D:
15. Ruins Revisited
16. Spiral Floods
17. Lucifer Boy
18. Can You Buy Me a Drink, Woman? (bonus track)
19. Taxidermic (bonus track)



Industrial metal veterans Pedigree resurrect their legendary "Skeletal" album for 10th anniversary as gatefold double vinyl.

Remastered and armed with two previously unreleased bonus tracks.


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