Sabaton - Heroes

Sabaton "Heroes" Gatefold LP

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2014
Style: Power Metal
Country: Sweden


Side A:
1. Night Witches
2. No Bullets Fly
3. Smoking Snakes
4. Inmate 4859
5. To Hell and Back
6. The Ballad of Bull

Side B:
7. Resist and Bite
8. Soldier of 3 Armies
9. Far from the Fame
10. Hearts of Iron
11. 7734 (bonus)
12. Man Of War (bonus)

Length: 36:57 + bonus


The new album from Swedish power-metal-warriors. Anno domini 2014, Sabaton sounds like an unstoppable, fearless and tireless war machine.

Black LP with bonus tracks.


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