Sadus - A Vision of Misery

Sadus "A Vision of Misery" LP

Label: Listenable
Released: 1992/2017
Style: Death/Thrash Metal
Country: USA


Side A:
1. Through The Eyes Of Greed
2. Valley Of Dry Bones
3. Machines
4. Slave To Misery
5. Throwing Away The Day

Side B:
6. Facelift
7. Deceptive Perceptions
8. Under The Knife
9. Echoes Of Forever

Length: 36:47


Technical and mostly fast-played death/thrash metal in the vein of Death, Atheist and Cynic. Sadus is bass-god Steve DiGiorgio´s (also known from Death, Testament, Control Denied, Vintersorg among countless others) first band, that was formed already back in 1984.

A long-awaited vinyl re-release!


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