Sabbathian, The - Latum Alterum

Sabbathian, The "Latum Alterum" LP (Gold)

Label: Svart
Released: 2019
Style: Doom Metal
Country: US/NOR


1. Requiem…
2. The Brightest Light
3. Liti Kjersti
4. Head of a Traitor
5. One Night of Cruelty
6. Embrace The Dark
7. Evig Hvile
8. Libera me...
9. This Secret Obscure



The Sabbathian comprise two fundamental elements: doom metal, and the occult forces of nature and energy. These elements brought together three individuals in the form of The Sabbathian.

Their first full-length album is a considerably darker affair compared to the 2014 EP, a step away from the origins of doom metal and towards the heavier vistas traversed by Nordic metalmongers such as Bathory or Candlemass.

Gold-coloured vinyl. Limited to 200 copies.


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