Unleashed - Dawn Of The Nine

Unleashed "Dawn Of The Nine" LP

Label: Back On Black
Released: 2015/2019
Style: Death Metal
Country: Sweden


Side A:
1. A New Day Will Rise
2. They Came to Die
3. Defenders of Midgard
4. Where Is Your God Now?
5. The Bolt Thrower
6. Let the Hammer Fly

Side B:
7. Where Churches Once Burned
8. Land of the Thousand Lakes
9. Dawn of the Nine
10. Welcome the Son of Thor!

Length: 45:01


With their new album “Dawn Of The Nine”, legendary Swedish trailblazers UNLEASHED have forged a modern Death Metal weapon from the blood and spirit of their viking ancestors.

Now available as limited edition coloured vinyl courtesy of Back On Black Records.


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