Witherfall - A Prelude To Sorrow

Witherfall "A Prelude To Sorrow" Gatefold 2LP

Label: Century Media
Released: 2018
Style: Heavy/Progressive Power Metal
Country: USA


Side A:
1. A Prelude to Sorrow
2. We Are Nothing
3. Moment of Silence

Side B:
4. Communion of the Wicked
5. Maridian´s Visitation
6. Shadows
7. Ode to Despair

Side C:
8. The Call
9. Vintage
10. Epilogue



WITHERFALL is the collective brainchild of guitarist Jake Dreyer (Iced Earth, Kobra And The Lotus), singer Joseph Michael (White Wizzard, Midnight Reign) and the late Adam Sagan (Circle II Circle, Into Eternity) who joined forces to begin writing for what was to become “Nocturnes...” in 2013.

"A Prelude To Sorrow" is their second album.


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