Wovenwar - Wovenwar

Wovenwar "Wovenwar" Digipak CD

Label: Metal Blade
Released: 2014
Style: Metalcore/Alt. Metal
Country: USA


1. Foreword
2. All Rise
3. Death to Rights
4. Tempest
5. The Mason
6. Moving Up
7. Sight of Shore
8. Father/Son
9. Profane
10. Archers
11. Ruined Ends
12. Identity
13. Matter of Time
14. Prophets
15. Onward



As As I Lay Dying fell apart after the arrest of singer Tim Lambesis, the remaining four musicians collected themselves, regrouped with vocalist Shane Blay of the band Oh, Sleeper, and christened their new band Wovenwar. Their debut shows the band moving past its sing/scream metalcore dynamics and into more soaring, anthemic territory, while retaining the melodic heaviness that made As I Lay Dying so successful.


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