Wilson, Steven - Cover Version

Wilson, Steven "Cover Version" CD

Label: K-Scope
Released: 2014
Style: Folk/Ambient/Prog Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Thank You
2. Moment I Lost
3. The Day Before You Came
4. Please Come Home
5. A Forest
6. Four Trees Down
7. The Guitar Lesson
8. The Unquiet Grave
9. Sign ´o´ The Times
10. Well You´re Wrong
11. Lord Of The Reedy River
12. An End To End



Kogumikalbum, mis koondab endasse kogu materjali, mis algselt ilmus "Cover Version" singlisarjas vahemikus 2003-2010. Sisaldab kuut Steven Wilsoni oma lugu ning kuut kaverit. Esmakordselt kõik ühel CD-l!

Papist "vinyl replica" ümbris.


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