Wicked, The - ...For Theirs Is The Flesh

Wicked, The "...For Theirs Is The Flesh" CD

Label: Spikefarm
Released: 2002
Style: Symphonic Black/Industrial Metal
Country: Finland


1. The Ways of the Wicked (A Prologue)
2. Court of a Fallen
3. Black Gallows (The Ascension)
4. Ordo Malleus
5. High Voltage Messiah
6. Magnum Innominandum
7. Master Pain
8. Church of the Worm
9. The Woods of Suicide
10. Elsewhen (The Final Unmaking)
11. Bonus-Shit

Length: 55:39


Bombastically arranged, symphonic and yet machine-like, industrially influenced black metal from Finland. The band features Trollhorn and Baron Tarwonen, known from bands like Moonsorrow, Arthemesia, Barathrum and so on.


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