Wicked, The - Sonic Scriptures of the End Times...

Wicked, The "Sonic Scriptures of the End Times..." CD

Label: Spikefarm
Released: 2004
Style: Symphonic Black/Industrial Metal
Country: Finland


1. Epithimia Gia Athanasia
2. Riddles without Answers & Celestial Mechanics
3. Phobos IV
4. Point-Blank Avenue & Unbirthday Song - The Ultimate Ordeal
5. To Kill A Friend
6. H8 Universal
7. Vaptisma Tis Gnosis
8. Digital Satan
9. Lex Praedatorius - Eaters of the Weak

Length: 55:20


Bombastically arranged, symphonic and yet machine-like, industrially influenced black metal from Finland. The band features Trollhorn and Baron Tarwonen, known from bands like Moonsorrow, Arthemesia, Barathrum and so on.


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