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Witchmaster "Masochistic Devil Worship" CD
Label Pagan Records
Release date 2002
Style Satanic Black/Thrash Metal
Country Poola
Price: 11.49 EUR


1. Pain in Progress [MySpace]
2. Ultimate Satanic Sacrifice
3. Obedience
4. Blood Bondage Flagellation
5. Masochistic Devil Worship
6. W.U.R. 64
7. Necroslaughter
8. Death Fetish
9. Fuck off & Die
10. Bitchmaster
11. Whipstruck Orgasm
12. Goathorn Witchfuck
13. Transgression
14. Daemonomania
15. Satanic Lust
16. Blasphemer

Length: 36:46

Raw and extreme thrash/black metal with somewhat punkish attitude. "Masochistic Devil Worship" consists of eleven tracks, including cover versions of Sodom and Sarcofago. The album comes out with a sick and bloody layout. Not for the weak-minded.

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