Whiplash - Messages In Blood - The Early Years

Whiplash "Messages In Blood - The Early Years" CD

Label: Displeased
Released: 1999
Style: Speed/Thrash Metal
Country: USA


"Thunderstruck" demo (1984):
1. King with the Axe
2. Spit on Your Grave
3. Thrash ´til Death
4. Chained Up, Strapped Down

"Looking Death in the Face" demo (1985)
5. The Burning of Atlanta
6. Stirrin´ the Cauldron
7. Respect the Dead
8. Last Man Alive
9. Spit on Your Grave

Live in New Jersey (1985):
10. Killing on Monroe Street
11. Eternal Eyes
12. Respect the Dead
13. Stirrin´ the Cauldron
14. The Burning of Atlanta
15. Nailed to the Cross

Live in New York (1985):
16. War Monger
17. Message in Blood
18. Nailed to the Cross
19. Stagedive

Length: 01:17:07


Whiplash started in New Jersey back in 1984 and to this very day they are still for some reason criminally underrated, although their blend of speed and thrash metal is equally influential with Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth. Whiplash plays it´s music at breakneck speed and flavors it with catchy riffs and Tony Portaro´s harsh vocals.

"Messages In Blood" includes the band´s 1984 "Thunderstruck" demo, the 1985 demo "Looking Death In The Face" and two different live shows from 1985.


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