Withering - Gospel Of Madness

Withering "Gospel Of Madness" CD

Label: Firebox/Warhorse Records
Released: 2004
Style: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Finland


1. Northern Breeze [MP3]
2. Quarrelsome [MySpace]
3. On Death´s Colour [MP3]
4. Two Suns
5. Reborn
6. Mausoleum
7. Penance
8. The Feeble Morning
9. Anguish Of Frustration
10. Justification For Unavoidable
11. Not Yet The Last



Tumeda atmosfääriga meloodiline Soome death-metal. Soovituslik kuulamine kõigile Amorphise "Tales From The Thousand Lakes" albumi austajatele, aga ka Sentencedi ja varase Paradise Losti fännidele.



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