Withering - Gospel Of Madness

Withering "Gospel Of Madness" CD

Label: Firebox / Warhorse Records
Released: 2004
Style: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Finland


1. Northern Breeze
2. Quarrelsome
3. On Death´s Colour
4. Two Suns
5. Reborn
6. Mausoleum
7. Penance
8. The Feeble Morning
9. Anguish Of Frustration
10. Justification For Unavoidable
11. Not Yet The Last



Tumeda atmosfääriga meloodiline Soome death-metal. Soovituslik kuulamine kõigile Amorphise "Tales From The Thousand Lakes" albumi austajatele, aga ka Sentencedi ja varase Paradise Losti fännidele.


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