Wyrd - Wrath & Revenge

Wyrd "Wrath & Revenge" CD

Label: Solistitium
Released: 2003/2004
Style: Pagan/Black Metal
Country: Finland


1. Ravenhill
2. Unchained
3. Hel
4. Revenge of the Pagan Hordes
5. The Old Warrior
6. Wotan´s Heir
7. Wyrd
8. Gods of the Storm
9. Song of the Northern Gale
10. Season of Grief
11. Oath of Revenge
12. Promise

Length: 01:13:55


A compilation of tracks previously available on demo and promo releases. Solistitium Records´ reissue from 2004.

Tracks 1-7: "Unchained Heathen Wrath" demo
Tracks 8-9: "Songs Of The Northern Gale" promo
Tracks 10-11: "Of Revenge and Bloodstained Swords" promo
Track 12: exclusively recorded for this compilation


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