Waltari - The 2nd Decade - In The Cradle

Waltari "The 2nd Decade - In The Cradle" Digipak CD

Label: Stay Heavy
Released: 2008
Style: Progressive/Metal/Rock
Country: Finland


1. In The Cradle
2. Get Stamped
3. Not Enough
4. One Day
5. Helsinki
6. System Odda Aiggi
7. Dream World
8. Atom Angel
9. Wish I Could Heal
10. Life Without Love - Billy Gould´s Remix
11. Death Party
12. Dream
13. Rag Your Body Beat
"In The Cradle" music video

Length: 57:26


Waltari might not be so known outside Finland, but in their homeland the band is basically a cult act, with roots in the eighties and extremely solid discography in their pockets. Imagine a radio-friendly, ultimately catchy mix of metal riffs, hard-rocking vocals and electronical elements - the band has always thought forwards, outside the box.

A compilation including the best songs from years 2000-2008.


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