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Wigwam "Dark Album" CD
Label Love
Release date 1977/2008
Style Progressive Rock
Country Soome
Price: 8.99 EUR


1. Oh, Marlene!
2. Cheap evening return
3. The item is the totem
4. The silver jubilee
5. Horace┬┤s aborted rip-off scheme
6. The big farewell
7. The vegetable rumble
8. Helsinki nights

Bonus tracks:
9. Grass for blades
10. D┬┐mon Ducetan┬┤s request

Length: 51:09

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Finland┬┤s Wigwam definitely belongs to the honorable circle of the pioneers of early progressive rock. The history of the band can be divided into two different periods: the original or "old" Wigwam (1969-1974) and the "new" Wigwam (1974-1977). These two eras were drastically different, both in terms of line-ups and overall sound. The music of Wigwam is dominated by the piano and organ sounds; it is also dark in times and filled with typical Scandinavian influences. Even today, decades later, Wigwam still has a respectable cult following, both in Finland and abroad.

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