Wigwam - Nuclear Nightclub

Wigwam "Nuclear Nightclub" CD

Label: Love
Released: 1975/2000
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: Finland


1. Nuclear nightclub
2. Freddie are you ready
3. Bless your lucky stars
4. Kite
5. Do or die
6. Simple human kindness
7. Save my money and my name
8. Pig storm

Bonus Tracks:
9. Do Or Die
10. Simple Human Kindness
11. Freddie Are You Ready
12. Bless your Lucky Stars

Length: 01:08:11


Finland´s Wigwam definitely belongs to the honorable circle of the pioneers of early progressive rock. The history of the band can be divided into two different periods: the original or "old" Wigwam (1969-1974) and the "new" Wigwam (1974-1977). These two eras were drastically different, both in terms of line-ups and overall sound. The music of Wigwam is dominated by the piano and organ sounds; it is also dark in times and filled with typical Scandinavian influences. Even today, decades later, Wigwam still has a respectable cult following, both in Finland and abroad.


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