War - Dawn of New Epoch / The War Horde

War "Dawn of New Epoch / The War Horde" CD

Label: Regimental Records
Released: 2007
Style: Black Metal
Country: Poland


"Dawn Of New Epoch" (2002)
1. The Revenge
2. Hate Must Go On
3. New Time Will Come
4. The Unknown
5. Last Attack
6. Illusion of Life
7. Dawn of New Epoch
8. Fog
9. Dark Land

"The War Horde" (1994)
10. The Witches
11. Age of War
12. Eclipse
13. Deadspeak
14. Fog
15. In the Fire
16. Dreams About a Fear
17. This Dark Land it´s Mine

Length: 58:21


War (not to be confused with Swedish all-star black-metal band with the same name) is one of the oldest black-metal bands from Poland, having started in 1993. This reissue of the band´s debut album comes with remastered sound and the whole "The War Horde" demo recordings from 1994!


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