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Wine From Tears "Through The Eyes Of A Mad" CD
Label BadMoodMan Music
Release date 2009
Style Death/Doom Metal
Country Venemaa
Price: 11.49 EUR


1. Angels Also Die... (Intro)
2. Since I Fell...
3. The Sinner [MySpace]
4. Funeral Time
5. Night of a Succubus
6. Close to Katatonia
7. Bless Me Bleeding Angels
8. The Secret of the Woods
9. Before the Gods
10. Feeding the Angel
11. My Tears
12. Meus Altius Pater Noster

Length: 01:17:22

The debut album of the Russian band Wine From Tears is a harmonic mixture of hard guitars and atmospheric keyboard parts, metal riffs and wonderful melodies, like the best sides of Saturnus, Swallow The Sun and Draconian.

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