Witchcraft - Firewood

Witchcraft "Firewood" CD

Label: Rise Above
Released: 2005
Style: Stoner/Doom Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Chylde of Fire
2. If Wishes Were Horses
3. Mr Haze
4. Wooden Cross (I Can´t Wake the Dead)
5. Queen of Bees
6. Merlin´s Daughter
7. I See a Man
8. Sorrow Evoker
9. You Suffer
10. Attention!

Length: 45:24


The music of Witchcraft is a total throwback to the heavy metal, hard rock, and psychedelic rock of the late ´60s and early ´70s, with first Black Sabbath albums as the main influences. Witchcraft plays catchy, entertaining and probably the most memorable stoner riffs with strong vintage sound and feeling.


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