Warlord - Warlord

Warlord "Warlord" CD

Label: Audio Archives
Released: 2002
Style: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Country: United Kingdom


1. Jasmin Queen
2. Explorer
3. Face of the Sun
4. Warlord
5. Lady Killer
6. To the Devil a Daughter

Live 1974, drug-crazed rehearsal demos:
7. Devil Drink
8. Wild Africa
9. I See the Warlord
10. Face of the Sun
11. The Ring

Bonus track 1975:
12. Warlord (pt. II)



A compilation containing early recordings of the UK band WARLORD. These recordings have been marketed as "underground doom metal", though compared to bands generally accepted as doom, WARLORD bears a greater similarity to Deep Purple. Regardless, it´s an interesting piece of first-generation metal history.


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