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Yes "Tormato" CD
Label Atlantic
Release date 1978/2004
Style Progressive Rock
Country Suurbritannia
Price: 7.99 EUR


1. Future Times/Rejoice
2. Don┬┤t Kill The Whale
3. Madrigal
4. Release, Release
5. Arriving UFO
6. Circus of Heaven
7. Onward
8. On The Silent Wings of Freedom

Bonus tracks:
9. Abilene
10. Money
11. Picasso
12. Some Are Born
13. You Can Be Saved
14. High
15. Days (demo version)
16. Countryside
17. Everybody┬┤s Song
18. (untitled hidden track)

Length: 01:20:00

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Well-known and influential mainstream progressive rock band from Great Britain (est. in 1968). Yes is still around in some form, but they were particularly highly influential in the first half of their career. During the 1970-s, Yes pioneered the use of synthesizers and sound effects in prog-rock, in the 1980-s, Yes pushed new digital sampling technologies to their limits. Yes gained a lot of popularity with their brand of mysticism and grand-scale compositions.

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